Powerhouse Promotes Sue McCarty to Executive Vice President Operations

CROWLEY, TX- (12/19/2022)- Powerhouse, a national commercial infrastructure management services provider, announced the advancement of Sue McCarty to Executive Vice President of Operations. This announcement comes following Sue’s extraordinary work and integral role in spearheading the growth of Powerhouse’s Multi-site Enhancement Services division.

“Sue McCarty has been an invaluable member of the Powerhouse family for more than 11 years, moving from support functions to project management and senior leadership positions inside all three operating divisions.   As a past recipient of both our Vision and SOUL leadership awards, Sue knows what it takes to build outstanding teams, drive results and create future leaders.   In this new role, I am confident Sue will continue to ensure that Powerhouse customers receive a raving fan experience and can continue to trust us with their most critical programs and projects,” said Robert Blake-Ward, CEO of Powerhouse.

As Executive Vice President of Operations, McCarty will focus on profit and loss management, operational excellence, and growth for operations across exterior services, facilities maintenance, and our multi-site enhancement services.

Prior to this role, McCarty served as the Vice President of Operations. She was responsible for ensuring the deployment of productive, cost-effective systems and processes supporting the organization’s goals and objectives and creating organization and customer synergy via inter-departmental alignment initiatives and customer engagement and support strategies.

“I am extremely excited for this opportunity,” said McCarty. “I am looking forward to continued work with our leadership team growing people, processes, and technologies to positively impact our customers, creating raving fans and lasting partnerships!”

In her time with the organization, McCarty has collaborated with numerous Powerhouse clients, overseen thousands of projects and rollouts, invested time in over 10,000 locations, and currently leads a team of more than two hundred, including four Vice Presidents.

Outside of the office, McCarty serves as a member of the Project Management Institute (Fort Worth Chapter) and is an avid supporter of and an active participant in youth programs driven by local schools.

About Powerhouse

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Crowley, TX, Powerhouse (www.powerhousenow.com) is one of the largest national providers of facility maintenance, exterior services management, and multi-site enhancement services. Executing services at more than 150,000 locations annually across all 50 states, the company supports top brands in Retail, Banking and Finance, Commercial Real Estate, Healthcare, Hospitality, Multifamily Dwellings, and Senior Living Facilities with an unwavering commitment to and investment in its people, process, and technology. Powerhouse implements today what will move people through the experiences of tomorrow.

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812 South Crowley Road, Ste A
Crowley, Texas 76036
PHONE: 817-297-8575
FAX: 682-233-7050


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812 South Crowley Road, Ste A
Crowley, Texas 76036
PHONE: 817-297-8575
FAX: 682-233-7050


Copyright 2021 Powerhouse | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy

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Exterior Maintenance Services for Warm Weather


Powerhouse offers a comprehensive group of national commercial landscape maintenance services for commercial properties. Our services are squarely focused on keeping your facilities looking their absolute best. Our national landscape maintenance services include tree maintenance services irrigation system maintenance, grounds maintenance and cleanup, and porter services.

Our team is experienced with managing national commercial landscape portfolios. We combine our national landscape maintenance services and our full suite of national facility maintenance programs including national commercial parking lot services and national commercial power washing programs that will ensure that your company’s facilities always have a warm and inviting look.


De-icing Services

Snow Plowing

Snow Hauling

Pre-treatment Applications

Sidewalk Snow/Ice Management

Parking Garage Snow Management


Pressure Washing



Repair & Sealing

Concrete Repairs

ADA Compliance

Porter Services

Emergency Debris Removal

Trash Receptacle Maintenance


Grounds Maintenance & Clean-Up


Turf Maintenance

Fertilization and Weed Control

Mulch Application

Pruning and Landscape Bed Maintenance

Seasonal/Regional Site Cleanup

Irrigation Services

Landscape Enhancement Services

Tree Removal and Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance

Storm Cleanup