In the dynamic retail landscape, creating captivating environments is crucial. Powerhouse is a leader in best-in-class services, specializing in store remodels, shop-in-shop solutions, refreshing spaces, and efficient rollouts. Our commitment to excellence ensures your retail spaces are experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Our teams create environments aligned with your brand identity and evolving customer preferences by orchestrating transformations beyond aesthetics. We specialize in creating immersive experiences within your retail environment, showcasing specific product lines, or collaborating with brand partners to elevate the shopping experience.

Keeping your retail space fresh and on-trend, our services breathe new life without a complete remodel, updating displays, rearranging layouts, and aligning with your brand’s evolution. Our efficient rollout services, whether simultaneous changes across multiple locations or a phased approach, are executed seamlessly, minimizing disruption to your operations.

We delicately implement changes during store hours, evolving your retail space seamlessly without compromising the customer experience. With Powerhouse, gain access to industry insights and expertise that set new benchmarks, keeping your retail spaces ahead of the curve and competitors on their toes.

Our specialized exterior maintenance services are designed to not only meet industry standards but surpass them, ensuring your storefronts and outdoor areas make a compelling and lasting impression.

From meticulous landscaping to eye-catching signage installations, Powerhouse is dedicated to creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity. We integrate these services with our commitment to excellence, providing a cohesive and attractive exterior that complements the dynamic shopping experiences within.

For retailers with multiple locations, our multi-site enhancement services strategically upgrade exteriors across various sites. Whether harmonizing signage for consistent brand representation or optimizing outdoor spaces for customer engagement, Powerhouse excels in creating a unified and impactful presence across all your retail properties.