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People thought Dianna MacDonald was crazy to leave her job of nine years in the middle of a pandemic to lead financial services at a company she had never heard of.

MacDonald was announced Friday as the new chief financial officer of Powerhouse, a national construction, facilities maintenance and rollout services provider based in Crowley. She will lead the company’s financial operations, including deploying advanced forecasting — a crucial effort during a pandemic that continues to change the economic landscape.

She has 25 years of experience in the male-dominated private equity industry, which she said has prepared her for the construction industry.

“If construction is male-loaded, private equity is double male-loaded,” she said.

Women account for only 10 percent of the construction workforce across the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If the construction workforce across the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Before Powerhouse, MacDonald served as CFO of Authentix, an authentication information technology company. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from Oregon State University and began her career at accounting firm KPMG.

What struck MacDonald most when she was learning more about the position was the number of women who were in high-profile positions at Powerhouse.

“They’ve always been looking for — not the gender, not so they could claim diversification,” she said. “They were looking for the best person in the business to do the job and it just so happened that many of those were women. And so that was really where I started looking at it seriously.”

She joins five other women in senior vice president or vice president roles in the company.

Forecasting is crucial to Powerhouse in this moment when economic situations are shifting so rapidly, MacDonald said. Many of Powerhouse’s clients didn’t cancel contracts, but pushed them at the beginning of the pandemic as they adjusted.
What You Need to Know When Adding or Updating Curbside Pick-up Service 1

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Introducing Powerhouse’s New Chief Financial Officer

Several months ago, we had the distinct pleasure of on-boarding a new Chief Financial Officer and the newest addition to our Powerhouse Women team! She hit the ground running, helping the company navigate the unexpected business climate we found ourselves in this year. So, we are only now pausing to officially introduce her. Meet Dianna MacDonald.

Dianna joins Powerhouse from Authentix, a leading global authentication and information services nanotechnology company. She brings to the company more than 25 years of private equity experience, an executive skillset complementary to Powerhouse’s current growth strategy through acquisitions initiated late last year with the investment of Lincolnshire Management, Inc.

Dianna will lead Powerhouse’s financial operations, centralizing efforts on establishing and deploying advanced forecasting, asset protection, and reporting processes.

“Powerhouse has been experiencing a 40 percent year-over-year organic growth rate for a decade and a half,” said Michael Wroughton, Principal at Powerhouse. “That rate of expansion, along with our recently adopted acquisition strategy, calls for a different type of leadership proficiency that adapts our financial foundation so that it effectively supports our future success. Dianna has a wealth of knowledge here earned from direct experience moving into companies at critical junctures and driving impactful, effective change. She has also proven to do this while developing strong, collaborative relationships with existing team members and partners. We’re proud to have her on board.”

Dianna’s career began at KPMG where she served as an auditor, concentrating on financial institutions. It was in this role, during the savings and loan crisis, where she drove the audit that led to a financial institution developing an operational recovery plan. The recovery strategy included the sale of a loan portfolio to Brazos Partners, a private equity firm that ultimately hired Dianna—a crucial career move that inspired her future trajectory in private equity work.

Dianna spent the subsequent eight years working for Brazos Partners and Hudson Advisors, a subsidiary of Lone Star Funds. She held the Chief Financial Officer seat for the former and Senior Vice President of Operations and Director of Compliance roles for the latter. In 2005, Dianna began taking her experience directly to start-ups and transitioning companies requiring niche expertise in investor relations alongside proven financial operation strategies.

“Financial data is a telltale sign of a company’s strengths as well as its opportunities,” said Ms. Dianna. “My primary responsibility to Powerhouse is to establish strong financial security by maximizing investments. This all hinges on rolling out accurate reporting that accommodates the company’s current and future growth. Powerhouse is at an exciting stage of its corporate evolution and I’m honored to be part of the team that will help them capitalize on the incredible company they’ve built to date.”

A certified public accountant, Dianna holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an accounting concentration from Oregon State University and has participated in The Wharton School’s The CFO: Becoming a Strategic Partner program. Additionally, she is active in several industry organizations including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), Financial Executives International (FEI), and Texas Wall Street Women (TXWSW).

Powerhouse Earns GBAC COVID19 Response Certification

Powerhouse Earns GBAC COVID19 Response Certification

Powerhouse is thrilled to announce we have joined ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. By becoming a member of the professional organization, Powerhouse staff now has access to high-quality information, education, networking, and commercial opportunities. Further, the company joins more than 7,000 distributor, manufacturer, building service contractor, in-house service provider, and associate service member companies worldwide.

In tandem with its membership, Powerhouse’s director of operations Charlie Setchell has also completed the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s (GBAC’s) Fundamentals Training Course with an emphasis on SARS-CoV-2/COVID 19.

A division of ISSA, GBAC offers this course to strengthen professionals’ skills and knowledge base by teaching preventative, response, infection control, and contamination control measures to known or potential infectious disease outbreaks. The course also teaches GBAC’s protocol standards for personal protective equipment (PPE) tools and equipment.

“Since the pandemic began, we have diligently focused on developing partnerships, solutions, and the internal skill sets needed to help our clients protect their employees and their customers. Joining ISSA, leveraging their training resources are just two of many related tactics we’ve executed to date,” said Amber Alvarez, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Powerhouse. “Our clients have always had confidence in our integrity, knowledge and commitment. We want them to know that we’re continuing to invest in our staff, equipment, and strategies to uphold our end of that trust partnership. With respect to what’s possible with preventative COVID-19 measures from a sanitization and building structure perspective, we have them covered.”

Earlier this year, Powerhouse released a suite of COVID-19 response services, which will include the application of SurfaceWise®2—the first and only surface protectant to continuously remove pathogens from surfaces for 90 days with a single application. Other projects commonly being completed to help companies navigate the pandemic’s impact range from hands-free fixture installations and reactive sanitization to space reconfigurations and curbside pickup structuring.

Membership in ISSA signifies a commitment to professionalism in the cleaning industry. ISSA-member organizations use acceptable ethical standards as defined within the ISSA Code of Ethics, which can be viewed online at www.issa.com. In addition, ISSA members have access to comprehensive business-management and cleaning-service resources to realize improved employee recruitment and performance, reduced operating costs, better service delivery and public health protection, and enhanced knowledge of regulatory issues and industry news—all of which are designed to benefit customers.

The association is a leader in setting recognized industry standards, including the ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) for cleaning-organization management or Value of Clean tools to make the connection between protecting occupant health and improved bottom lines.

Its outreach efforts include partnerships with more than 85 associations, alliances, and government agencies around the world to promote the value of commercial and institutional cleaning. Additionally, ISSA hosts the industry’s largest cleaning show in conjunction with Amsterdam RAI under the brand name ISSA/INTERCLEAN®.

Preparation For Weathering The Storm

Preparation For Weathering The Storm

As businesses navigate through the financial challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic, it is painful to have to think about spending yet more money to protect their facilities from Mother Nature, too. But with the high number of storm predictions slated for the rest of the year, it cannot be ignored. It therefore makes sense to identify any way to save a little money to make this and future storm seasons a little more manageable. When it comes to weathering the storm, do you have a strategy?

Storms can be costly and disruptive. Power goes down. Storm drains flood. Windows break. Roofs are destroyed. Navigating all of that within quarantine orders today is hard enough. And then, there’s the adding-insult-to-injury experience: the price gouging that often occurs. Costs for essential materials and systems rise, particularly when sought in a post-event recovery phase.

A natural disaster’s devastation is hard to predict. However, there are some pre- and mid-season disaster preparation steps that can be taken that are often overlooked. These can save you time and money, while providing some peace of mind that you will be able to weather much of what a storm brings to your door.

What You Need to Know When Adding or Updating Curbside Pick-up Service 1

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What You Need to Know When Adding or Updating Curbside Pick-up Service

What You Need to Know When Adding or Updating Curbside Pick-up Service

Prior to the pandemic, it could be argued that many (if not most) restaurants offered take-out while some actually had curbside pick-up. The same could be said about some retailers that, in an effort to outpace competitors with stellar customer service, had already introduced online or phone ordering with in-store pick up or in-car delivery. However, curbside pick-up today has shifted from being a nice-to-have to a must-have as consumers continue to seek ways to safely distance while still taking advantage of business offerings across the country.


For restaurants and retailers that have already established some sort of remote ordering and pick-up service, evolving their strategy to meet full-on curbside pick-up expectations may seem somewhat logical…perhaps even simple. For those who never implemented such a service, they may feel overwhelmed as they race to develop such accommodations.

Regardless of where a business is at in this process, owners and managers must remember that cutting corners can cause chaos and frustration for customers. These negative outcomes can, in turn, end up damaging the brand and ultimately the bottom line. Developing a well-organized strategy should yield a smooth and successful process that can help keep customers calm and coming back. What’s more, when done right, these types of projects can also strengthen a brand—a win for any organization.

Click here to learn more tips and thoughts for consideration when adding or refining a curbside pick-up strategy.

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Crowley, Texas 76036
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812 South Crowley Road, Ste A
Crowley, Texas 76036
PHONE: 817-297-8575
FAX: 682-233-7050


Copyright 2021 Powerhouse | All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy

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Exterior Maintenance Services for Warm Weather


Powerhouse offers a comprehensive group of national commercial landscape maintenance services for commercial properties. Our services are squarely focused on keeping your facilities looking their absolute best. Our national landscape maintenance services include tree maintenance services irrigation system maintenance, grounds maintenance and cleanup, and porter services.

Our team is experienced with managing national commercial landscape portfolios. We combine our national landscape maintenance services and our full suite of national facility maintenance programs including national commercial parking lot services and national commercial power washing programs that will ensure that your company’s facilities always have a warm and inviting look.


De-icing Services

Snow Plowing

Snow Hauling

Pre-treatment Applications

Sidewalk Snow/Ice Management

Parking Garage Snow Management


Pressure Washing



Repair & Sealing

Concrete Repairs

ADA Compliance

Porter Services

Emergency Debris Removal

Trash Receptacle Maintenance


Grounds Maintenance & Clean-Up


Turf Maintenance

Fertilization and Weed Control

Mulch Application

Pruning and Landscape Bed Maintenance

Seasonal/Regional Site Cleanup

Irrigation Services

Landscape Enhancement Services

Tree Removal and Maintenance

Palm Tree Maintenance

Storm Cleanup